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Adding and Subtracting

These images all started life as 3:2 horizontals. I added and subtracted with all of them to create what is posted as a 3:1 panorama. Interestingly my preferred panorama ratio is 15:4, slightly less tall for the width but they are not as commonly printed and I've chosen the pragmatic over the artistic for this.

The green text above is crap. It's why I have never written an interesting blog post in my life. Making each of these images has taught me something about myself so when I share the image I share a piece of my soul. Just like Janis. If I could write what the piece is saying, I wouldn't have created the damned image so you don't need to read, just enlarge the photo and gaze into my eyes.

sunrise and reflections on the ocean
Sunrise Under the Pier

There are places in my world where the islands are purple and the sky and sea are yellow. Maybe in your world too. Enjoy the taste and savour each bitter contrast - sweet purple and acid yellow.

islands, sea and sky with alternative colours

And when the wild geese call you to follow up from the beach to the clouds don't hang behind. They'll be gone before you know and only the misty morning will remain. Count their wing beats and notice the timing of the cries from one to another to you. They're asking. Don't be shy.

geese chasing a leader
Wild Goose Chase

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