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Today I was reunited with a collection coming from a time when I thought I might find my art in writing. I plan to spend a bit of my current life connecting my current art with my past and see if there might be any congruence or even interesting intersections.

A VW van with interesting colouration.
Vantasy Wears Pink

When I shared this with my critic her first reaction was "I really like it, but can you do it in a more gender neutral palette?"

What's not gender neutral about this? I wear shirts in at least 3 of these colours. I am blessed with family that identify across the rainbow.

Somewhere over the rainbow a little girl from Kansas is discovering that there is more to munchkins than she first suspected.

I am searching for another sample to corrupt. Some psychedelic remnant of my sixties youth. The old van, split windshield, brim of a cap pressed down over the eyes, V beard curving between the headlights to the bumper. And the great circle VW announcing its imminent arrival.

A series maybe to explore the possible. Sedans, vans and perhaps some of those uninteresting 4xx models. Currently though, just the two.

Beetle sunning by a wall
Bein' a Bug

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