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Project November

Leaves and trunks interplay in autumn colours
A Glory of Leaves

Around the trail there are spots where the colours are overwhelming this year, even more than other years. There are yellows and in places the yellows have gone through to orange. Sun drives through some and reflects from others, all the while being interspersed with trunks. A few greens still hang on, reluctant to give up their longing for summer. By the time they have changed, most of the rest will have found their way to the floor. Fall is the season of messy beauty.

A tree has shed all its leaves

One tree beside the path flaunts its nakedness in silhouette against the brilliance of the companions who still cling to their veil of leaves. And from behind another reaches a naked arm, intruding to point to the stripped sister. On the floor of the forest, discarded clothing litters, waiting to return to origins.

Trees of autumn seen from below
Uplooking in the Forest

Follow the trunks upward toward the vanishing point in an invisible sky. Big leaf maples dominate at this time of year in yellows and oranges rather than the greens of spring and summer.

The rest of the photos in this project can be found on the site homepage. Take a look and please feel free to explore galleries and the store.

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