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Written on the Monday Holiday

September 30 is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. I'm writing on Monday, October 2, which is a day off for those who are fortunate enough to work in jobs which get an extra day off work when a Special Day occurs on a weekend. I think this not most of the Indigenous population.

Every Child Matters Every Day. And they matter, not just as Children. They matter when they grow to Adulthood. They matter as Missing and Murdered, they matter as Inmates, they matter as Homeless, they matter as the Families waiting and wondering. They matter on all those days when very few folk are wearing Orange Shirts. Somewhere inside each of us carries the Child we once were and that Child carries the sum of our experiences.

As is my habit, I am sitting in a restaurant for my morning coffee and working on blog and website. I am also thinking as I sit in my Orange Shirt and the fleece vest I was given when I was adopted (as an adult) into an Indigenous family on the mainland. I think as a W̱ENITEM (SENĆOŦEN word describing settler descendants). I think as a person who has been told that the Creator put my Spirit in the wrong body.

In the back of my vehicle I have some bottles for a good friend who sometimes needs bottles to help make ends meet. She and her family are Survivors of the Indian school system, some at residential school and some at day school. All carrying Trauma from their experience through multiple generations. And I think about all the stories that have been shared with me from other Survivors. Stories of the Deaths of friends, of Torture for the use of Language, of Discrimination within the medical system. My Spirit weeps when I think of their Love and Friendship despite all that could create Hate.

So why is this post on a photography blog?

arbutus tree at sunset on Saanich Inlet
Branching Out

a range of mountains surrounds Nemiah Valley
Cattle Guard

It lives on this photo blog because most, if not all, of my photos are from Unceded Territory (Stolen Land). I owe acknowledgment of this fact - not as a formality, but as a small contribution to Truth and Reconciliation. We, as a collective accumulation of humans, are part of a process meant to take us to a shared existence and understanding that all people share sameness and difference.

My writing takes a long time, sometimes. I need to get this piece out finally so here toward the end of December it hits the streets (so to speak). One last bit on the topic. I highly recommend two sites and a book.

For a better understanding of what's happening in the area where I live is the page of the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council. For a more general news perspective, try Both of these sites also have useful newsletters.

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